French oral communication games


Games are an excellent teaching tool in the FSL classroom. Games provide a non-intimidating and fun atmosphere for students to practice speaking in French class. Games can help introduce, teach and reinforce important vocabulary. I’ve compiled a booklet containing all of my favourite games for French class that I email out FREE to all of my newsletter subscribers. In this booklet there is an entire section devoted to JUST oral communication games. Sign up for my newsletter HERE to get the booklet emailed to you right away. (Be sure to check your spam folder just in case).


Also, I have created over 15 different printable and digital oral communication activities for FSL classes, which are available in my TPT store. Here are 3 of my favourite activities to use in Junior French classes:


Qui est-ce?

Qui est-ce? is a French personal description guessing game that will get your students thinking and communicating in French! This resource includes 3 full-colour illustrated game boards, a tracking sheet and a list of suggested questions for students that require extra support. This is a versatile game that can be played as a whole class, in small groups or in student pairs.


Giant Classroom Board Game

Are you looking for a fun new way to get your students speaking French in the classroom? Are

you looking for an engaging unit review tool? This resource is sure to be popular with teachers and students alike!

Turn your classroom into a giant board game. Students work in teams, asking and answering

questions, performing actions and trying to complete all goals to win the game.


La Boite Mystère- a routine for the French classroom

Are you looking for an engaging activity to introduce a new unit, or to get your FSL students speaking in the target language? Perhaps you would like your students to practice asking questions with purpose, in an authentic activity. “La boîte mystère” is an activity that is popular with students because it gets them involved in a meaningful way. By hiding a mystery object in the box and having students ask questions to try to guess the identity of the object, students practice asking and answering questions, while using their critical thinking skills.



Lucy, over at For French Immersion, also offers some fun games ideas in her blog posts. You can find her instructions to play ‘Time Bomb’ HERE.