5 awesome games to play in the French classroom

Are you looking for some great games to play with your students in your FSL classroom? Look no further. Today, I am sharing the ‘best of the best’ student-approved games for FSL. Many require little to no prep (yay!). Take a look below and try one with your students today!

1.    Comptez!

Are you looking for a fun way to review numbers? This activity works very well with learners of all ages. Seriously. Even my middle-years aged students begged to play this!  

Materials required: none

How to play:
-Have your students stand together in a circle.
-The teacher says ‘un’ (1) to get the game started.
-any student may call out the next number in sequence – ‘deux’ (2)
-only one student may say a number at a time. If 2 or more students say the same number, the game must begin again.
-You may set a goal for your students to aim for (ie- count to 10). However, play continues as high as your students wish to count! 

2.    Le ballon

This game can be used with ANY vocabulary theme!

Materials required: a soft foam ball or a balloon

How to play:
-Have your students stand in a circle. Give your students a theme to follow or have a student choose a theme. (ie- la maison, la météo)
-Give the ball or balloon to the first player. That player says a vocabulary word that suits the theme and then throws the ball to another player. 
-The player that catches the ball must say another relevant vocabulary word before tossing the ball to the next player.
-Words may not be repeated. 

3.    Le tableau

This is another game for reviewing vocabulary while working in small groups.

Materials: whiteboard and markers

How to play:
-Divide your students into 4 small groups. Draw 4 columns on the white board with the team number at the top. 
-Have students in each team stand in a line at the board in front of their team number column.
-Write a vocabulary category on the board and challenge student teams to write 10 words each.
-Team members must take turns to write (and spell correctly!) 10 different vocabulary words in the given category. The first team to complete the challenge wins!

4.    La tapette à mouches

La tapette à mouches is a fly swatter game for the French classroom. This game gets your students up out of their seats and moving in an active learning activity.

Materials required: a whiteboard, 2 fly swatters

How to play: 
-Write desired vocabulary words all over the whiteboard.
-Divide students into 2 teams. 
-1 representative from each team holds a fly swatter and stands close to the board where the game is being played. 
-The teacher calls out a vocabulary word and students must ‘swat’ the corresponding word. 
-The first student to correctly identify the word wins a point for their team. Play continues with a new student each round until all students have had an opportunity to play.

5.    Trashketball

A fun game that reviews French vocabulary or grammar skills. This review game involves group work, decision making and recall and is easily differentiated for many levels.  This activity is great for all learning styles and centers around reviewing learned material. The game will involve all students and keep them engaged with the lesson. There are 5 rounds of play in the games, each with 5 questions. With easy set-up, it is great for a last-minute lesson. 

This one takes a bit of prep and you may wish to use the PowerPoint presentations that I have created HERE, or create your own!

Materials required: digital whiteboard/projector capable of displaying THESE PowerPoint presentations, small whiteboard and marker or scrap paper and pencil for each team, a trashcan or recycling bin, masking tape or painter’s tape, a ball/bean bag or other soft object for throwing.

Setup:Place a trashcan/recycle bin in a clear lane. Use a visible line on the floor (or place a piece of painter’s tape/masking tape) a few feet away from the bin (closer for younger students and further for older students). This will be the ’shooting’ line.

How to play:

-Divide your class into several small teams (about 3-4 students per team). Assign one student to be the team reporter. The reporter will bring the answers to be reviewed to the teacher. Equip each team with a whiteboard and marker or a piece of scrap paper and pencil. Have each team write the numbers 1-5 down the side of the whiteboard/paper in a list.
-Display the slide for round 1 on the board/projector. Give students a set amount of time to work through the problems in each round. 1-2 minutes will work for each round depending on the abilities of your class. Have each team work quickly to answer the questions on the slide during each round.
-Signal to students when the time is up. Have the reporter from each team bring the answers to the teacher. The teacher will check the answers (an answer key is provided). If a team has an incorrect answer, the teacher must send the reporter back to the team to correct it. 
-The first team with all 5 answers correct, will get 3 throws of the ball/bean bag into the can. The 2ndteam gets 2 throws, the 3rdteam gets 1 throw. For each throw that lands in the can, the team earns 1 point.
-Play resumes for all 5 rounds. At the end, tally all of the points earned for each team. The team with the highest score wins.

These are my favourite 5 games. Do you have any favourites that your students LOVE? 


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