Ma famille: a fun 3D project

Ma famille: a fun 3D project

Are you looking for a fresh new project idea to complement your 'Ma famille' vocabulary unit? Are you looking for something different from creating a family tree or family album? Perhaps you want a resource that will be inclusive to all of your students. Look no further! I am offering my newest resource for FREE!

I have created a new project that will allow you to assess your student's knowledge of French family vocabulary and that will be fun for your students to complete!

The project allows students to describe 9 of their family members, providing their relationship and their name. Students must practice the correct for of "my" (mon/ma) for each person included. The completed project forms a ball that makes an attractive classroom display and can be hung from the ceiling.

It is very simple to create! First, students complete the writing and drawing required on each of the 12 sections of the template. Then, they cut them out!

The sections are then folded and stapled together to form 2 halves.

The haves are they stapled together and the final product is complete!

Included with the project is complete student instructions and a useful assessment tool for teachers.

Do you want a copy of your very own? I will email a copy direct to your inbox! To get the resource, sign up for my newsletter HERE and the resource link will be emailed to you immediately!

I hope that you find this resource useful and easy to use!

Jen @ The French Nook

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  1. Hello, I have tried to follow the link to the worksheet but it isn't working... any ideas where I could download this?