Writing prompts for French class

4 types of writing prompts for French class 

Are you looking for ideas to help engage your students to write in French class? I have a few ideas and resources that are helpful for core French and French immersion classes that I want to share with you today. I have divided the resources into the following categories: photo writing prompts for French class, French reading response prompts, opinion/feelings prompts, and writing silly sentences in French class. These resources work well with different age and experience levels. I hope that you find these resources helpful.

1.     Photo prompt activities

Photo du Jour’ is a routine for the French classroom that helps students develop rich vocabulary and utilize deep thinking. Using photos with French language learners can be enormously effective in helping them learn vocabulary words and how to use them. The activity can be used across many grade levels and is suitable for grades 4 and up.

In this activity, students are presented with unique photos and asked to record their observations and emotional response to the photo. There are also opportunities to indicate any questions they may have. Students list relevant vocabulary that describes the photo by categorizing words by parts of speech. Finally, students write a descriptive sentence to communicate the subject of the photo.

This French descriptive sentence writing activity BUNDLE will help your students improve the quality of their sentences by answering 5 questions about a photo and then transferring the answers into a complete sentence. This activity is a great opportunity to develop new vocabulary, practice grammar and editing skills and inference skills.

This resource contains 40 seasonal themed image pages (Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring) using real photographs and a blank page for you to add your own pages.

This activity requires NO PREP. Just print-and-GO, or use the TPT Easel digital tool to adapt for your online learners. A completed sample page is included.

This resource features 11 illustrated scenes to prompt creative writing in French class. Each page contains 5 relevant French vocabulary words to include when writing and an editing checklist.

How to use: Print and copy the page that you would like to assign to your students. Instruct your students to write a paragraph about what might be happening in the photo using the 5 included vocabulary words. Instruct students to highlight each vocabulary word in their paragraph. Finally, have students self-edit their writing using the editing checklist.

Easily differentiate this task by assigning a full paragraph, a few sentences or a single sentence. You can also vary how many vocabulary words are required to include in each student’s writing.

A blank sheet for your own photos and vocabulary is also included. Challenge your students to draw a scene and add their own vocabulary words.



2.     Reading response prompts


Build your FSL students' reading comprehension and practice writing with these 25 useful reading response and comprehension mini graphic organizers that can be used with ANY text! These versatile prompts can be used throughout the year for both fiction and non-fiction texts.

Perfect for a quick response, exit ticket or assessment.

Print on 3x3 sticky notes for a quick ‘stickable’ journaling activity or assessment (printing instruction included), or print on brightly colour paper! I have also included a blank template for your own designs.


3.     Opinion/feelings prompts

This set of 25 French writing prompts are perfect for junior and intermediate FSL students.

The prompts are interesting, engaging and thought-provoking. They are designed to be able to use with students who are learning French – both core and immersion students.

This resource is provided in both printable and digital versions. Your PDF download will include both a full-colour printable PDF version of the writing prompts and a link to a Google Slides version.


Are you looking for easy writing activities that you can use year-round? These French writing prompts focus on students expressing their feelings on a given topic or situation. Students read the prompt, select an emoji that matches their feelings and then write to discuss why they are feeling a certain way. This resource is great for older students in French immersion grades 6+.

This resource comes with 10 different prompts (one to be used in each month of the school year) and a blank template to include your own prompts. Also included is student instructions and checklist, and 4 different writing paper formats.

Examples of included writing prompts are:

•Comment vous vous sentez à l'idée de retourner à l'école?

•Comment vous vous sentez par rapport à l'année scolaire en cours.

... and MORE!


4.     Writing silly sentences

'Les phrases folles' is a themed writing activity for your FSL students in grades 4 and up. Students use the vocabulary provided and their knowledge of sentence structure to build and illustrate themed sentences. Students will practice beginner verb conjugation (in the present tense) and modifying adjectives with the noun. Great for use as a part of your themed unit, as a learning center, or for early finishers.


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