Expanding your students’ writing in French class

Expanding your students’ writing in French class

 Do you want to challenge your students to expand their use of French vocabulary in French class? Here is an easy tip for helping your students to expand their writing.

 Are you ready for my secret? I simply use these 5 question prompts: qui (who/whom) , quoi (what),  où (where), quand (when), pourquoi (why).

Here is how I apply this:

Have your students create a chart that is 5 x 2 rectangles.  In one column, add each of the 5 question prompts. You can also have your students just write the question prompts down one side of a piece of paper. 

Next, you would provide your students with a topic, writing prompt or a photo. I like to use photos to prompt student writing because it works well when students experience difficulty generating their own ideas.

Then, have your student examine the photo or think about the prompt. They will answer the following questions about the topic:

-       Who is this sentence about? (qui?)

-       What are they doing? (fait quoi?)

-       Where are they? (où?)

-       What time of day or season is it? (quand)

-       Why are they doing what they are doing? (pourquoi?)

Finally, have your students put all of their responses together to form a complete and detailed sentence.

Here is a completed example:

I also have this activity prepared for you in my TPT shop. This French descriptive sentence writing activity will help your students improve the quality of their sentences by answering 5 questions about a photo and then transferring the answers into a complete sentence. This activity is a great opportunity to develop new vocabulary, practice grammar and editing skills and inference skills.


This resource contains 40 season-themed image pages using real photographs and a blank page for you to add your own pages and is great for use year-round.

This activity requires NO PREP. Just print-and-GO, or use the TPT Easel digital tool to adapt for your online learners. 


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