French Classroom Management Tools


French classroom management tools 

Here is a round-up for 7 GREAT French classroom management tools. These tools were designed to encourage a positive classroom environment, by creating classroom responsibility, minimizing disruptions, using self-assessment, positive rewards and setting goals. I hope you find them useful!



1.     Les Responsabilités De Classe - Editable French classroom jobs posters

You're not the only one who should be responsible for maintaining the classroom! Get your students involved. The best way to have students take an active role the classroom community is to assign classroom jobs on a rotating basis. Classroom jobs also give students responsibilities and ownership in the classroom.

This editable set contains 20 different classroom job title posters appropriate for grades 4 and up. Also included are blank posters for adding your own jobs, editable student name cards (circular and rectangular), student number tags, job assignment list and teacher tracking sheets. The document is a PowerPoint file that is editable!


2.     French success criteria

“Je peux…” success criteria statements break down learning goals into smaller, more attainable goals and help teachers better focus a lesson. You can use “Je peux..” statements in your French classroom effectively by:

-posting the goal during a unit or lesson so that students can read it and refer to it.

-reviewing the statement at the beginning and throughout the lesson with your students.

success criteria posters

3.     Useful Phrases for the French Classroom Posters

Help your students maintain classroom communication in French! Place these posters around your classroom for quick and easy reference. This set contains 28 posters containing useful phrases for the French classroom. There are 2 copies of each poster (1 in b&w, and 1 in colour).


4.     Mon niveau du jour… French class assessment posters

Enjoy these participation and classroom management posters for your French classroom. Based on the 4-level scoring system, these posters provide a framework for teacher and student assessment levels when assessing “Mon niveau du jour.” Use these levels to set expectations and encourage student participation in French class.

Speaking French self-assessment


5.     French hand signals posters

Are you looking for a creative approach to reducing distractions in your French classroom? Use these French hand signal posters to quickly address some frequent student requests. Print the full-size posters to display in the classroom, or print half-sized to create a useful anchor chart.

French class hand signals


6.     French positive note templates

Let your students know that you notice their good behaviours, accomplishments and special celebrations with this set of French positive notes for students. It is a great positive classroom management tool. Print in black and white on coloured paper for a pop, or choose to print in colour with fun clipart graphics.

French positive notes templates


7.     French award certificates

Your students will be grinning ear to ear when they receive these French classroom rewards certificates! Included are 21 different awards for male and female students in grade 4 and up. These awards are designed with #hashtags and emojis to appeal to your older students. On each award, there is a place for the student’s name and your signature. Simply print the awards on your colour printer and customize! 


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