What to include in your French Long-Range Plans

French long-range planning

At the beginning of the school year, your administrator will often ask for a copy of your long-range plans to keep on file. You will also want to place a copy of these in your teacher binder and your emergency binder (in case something happens and you need a longer-term replacement.) For teachers new to creating long-range plans, it can be confusing to understand exactly what to include. Below, I list what you should include in those plans. It will take some extra work and time, but remember that the plans are going to help make planning easier throughout the rest of the school year.

When creating your plans, make a table with the following 4 columns: 

1.Months of the school year (create a row for each month)

2.Curriculum expectations 




In each monthly row, you will add the following:


Curriculum Expectations

Here, you will list the specific curriculum expectations that you are planning to focus on each month. Refer to your government curriculum documents for the grade(s) that you are teaching and include those expectations.



In this column, you will add the themes and tasks that you are planning on covering each month. For example, the first month may include: 

-Personal introductions, greetings and farewells

-Classroom phrases

-Letters of the alphabet

-Vocabulary related to: colours, numbers 0-31, the calendar, 2D shapes

-Vocabulary related to school supplies, classroom furniture



If there are specific resources that you know you are going to use to cover the curriculum expectations or themes, you will list them here. 


Are you teaching core French inOntario? I have a (set of pre-made print and go!) long-range plans available in my TPT store. This resource contains over 100 pages of French Long- Range Plans and planning tools for Core French grades 4, 5 & 6 using the Ontario French as a Second Language Curriculum.

Ready-made Core French Long-Range Plans for Ontario Teachers


The planning document is provided in a non-editable PDF format so that links are easily clickable. With your download, you will also receive a second editable PowerPoint file which you can easily adjust to suit your needs and submit to your administration at the beginning of the year. This second file contains the Core French Long-Range Plans ‘at-a-glance’ for your teacher binder or administrative purposes.


Use the detailed monthly plans to guide your own French planning. Each month lists a number of lesson goals, activities and assessments and pairs them with the curriculum expectations. You will also receive links to suggested videos, web pages and resources (free and paid) related to the lessons to use with your students. While the additional resources were selected to compliment the themes used in the plans, they are not required to use this document.  


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