Using fake texts in the FSL classroom

We all know our students are all about their smart phones these days! Many school divisions have implemented a cell phone ban, but there is a way to use this student interest to create engaging learning tools for your students!

iFake Text Message is an easy-to-use website where you can create simulated text messages on any topic.

To create the fake text, simply go to the website Enter the fake contact name and each line of the conversation. You will need to choose a text background colour to identify the different parties in the message. The website will show you a preview to the right (desktop) or below (mobile).

When you have completed the message, click ‘create image’ and then ‘download image.’ The image will be downloaded as a .png image file in your download folder that you can insert into a document for your students.

There are a number of ways that you can use these dialogues in the FSL classroom, including:

Continue the conversation:Create the beginning of a texting conversation using the website tool and have your students role-play or write the rest of the conversation.

Fill-in the dialogue:Create a fake text of only one side of a conversation and have your students fill in the dialogue of the other side of the conversation.

Conversation order:Create a complete text conversation on your desired subject. Print and cut out each element of the conversation. Have your students re-assemble the conversation in the correct order.

Error correction:Create a fake text conversation with intentional grammatical errors. Print the conversation and have your students identify and correct the errors.

Learn French SMS language:Your students may be interested in learning French SMS language. Have students create a French conversation using SMS language and trade with a partner to ‘decode’ the message. Here is a good resource for French SMS language:

Writing with target vocabulary:Provide your students with a list of target vocabulary and have them use the iFake Text Message website to create a dialogue using as many of the vocabulary words as possible.

Print-and-go French texting activities available from The French Nook HERE

Did you know that I also have some pre-made texting activities for older students available in my TPT store? Check out ‘Les Emojis, les textos et le langage SMS’ from The French Nook for 28 pages of resources and activities for students in grades 6-8.

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These are just SOME of the ways that fake texts can be used in the FSL classroom. What other ways can you think of that will engage your students and encourage them to read and write in the target language? Share your ideas in the comments below?

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