FSL Fall/Thanksgiving Resource Round-up!

FSL Fall/Thanksgiving Resource Round-Up!

Sweater weather and pumpkin-spiced EVERYTHING season is here! If you’re like me, you are starting to think about how to integrate the season and its’ holidays into your curriculum plans.  Are your students curious about the origins of Thanksgiving? Do they want to know if/how Thanksgiving is celebrated in other French-speaking countries? Perhaps you want to discuss the concept of gratitude with your class at this time of year? Then this blog-post is for YOU!

To save you time, I have created a handy list of websites offering useful content for your Fall classroom plans. Here are the links:

French Thanksgiving vocabulary
un festin, une parade- Lawless French has provided a useful French-English dictionary of all things Thanksgiving! Use the words and expressions to create a word wall, or have your students illustrate the words and hang them around the room for easy reference. 

Celebrations around the world bilingual article and quiz
Thanksgiving is a celebration unique to Canada and the United States. However, there are other countries that have similar holidays where citizens feast and practice gratitude. Check out the bilingual article and quiz from the kwiziq website. 

An article about Thanksgiving traditions in Canada (en Français) 
A printer-friendly article to share with your students about 5 traditions commonly celebrated during Thanksgiving in Canada. Use the article in a literacy center, or have student groups read and illustrate each tradition.

The history of Thanksgiving in Canada
The Canadian Encyclopedia has an article for your upper year students about the history of Thanksgiving in Canada. Have your students read the article and create quiz questions to share with the rest of the class.

Of course, I also offer a no-prep Thanksgiving resource in my TPT shop, The French Nook. Just print and go! 

FSL Thanksgiving activities from The French Nook Click HERE

This resource provides 4 different activities for the French classroom for use BEFORE and AFTER Thanksgiving. We know that relevancy plays a large part in student motivation. Holidays give educators another opportunity to include relevancy in their curriculum. Get students reflecting, writing, and speaking about Thanksgiving this holiday! This resource was designed to be used for French learners in grades 4 and up. Get more info HERE!

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