Digital activities for FSL

Digital activities for FSL 

Still looking for some amazing digital French activities that your students can do online? Here is a round-up for the best reading, speaking, writing, listening and cultural activities that your students can complete with a computer and internet access.

Digital reading activities and resources:

1.     French reading response organizers DIGITAL templates

Build your FSL students' reading comprehension with these 25 useful DIGITAL reading response and comprehension graphic organizers that can be used with ANY text! These versatile prompts can be used throughout the year for both fiction and non-fiction texts.


2.     French DIGITAL reading comprehension tasks LES SPORTS

This resource contains 5 French reading comprehension tasks to complete while exploring some popular sports. Your students will read a brief text describing interesting facts about each sport and then answer two short answer comprehension questions. 


3.     French DIGITAL reading comprehension tasks CANADIAN LANDMARKS

This resource contains 7 French reading comprehension tasks to complete while exploring some of Canada’s most popular landmarks. Your students will read a brief text describing interesting facts about each landmark and then answer two short answer comprehension questions.



Digital speaking activities and resources:

French phrases game

A free online activity from with audio to learn and speak common French phrases.


Digital writing activities and resources:

1.     être + avoir French digital tile puzzles

These ’être+ avoir’ digital paperless mystery picture tile activities are perfect for Google Classroom, distance learning, centers, etc. They are self-checking, interactive and versatile (students can play on any device via Google Slides).


2.     French phrases game

A free online activity from with audio.



A large collection of audio clips with activities from for many levels of comprehension.


4.     Online translators in the French classroom

This interactive student lesson reveals some of the limitations of online translators and encourages students to develop and use their own skills when writing French assignments. This resource is designed for students learning French as a second language in grades 5 and up. Students will complete 5 unique translation activities, followed by a reflection/exit ticket to summarize their learning.



Digital listening activities and resources:

1.     French listening activities songs for French class

This is a set of listening activities for French students in grades 4-6 using traditional French songs. It makes a great weekly listening routine for French class. This resource includes activities for 8 songs.

Students will listen to the song via a YouTube video (linked in this document via a Google Slide) and complete a cloze passage activity for each song. Each song is featured on a single-page activity, which includes important vocabulary, interesting facts to read, comprehension and extension activities. Complete teacher answer key is also included.


2.     French listening practice

A wonderful resource from Education Scotland for older French students. It features an audio component or transcripts for mutli-purpose use. Topics covered include: Eating out, shopping, discussing music, School, subjects -  likes and dislikes and best friends, appearance, clothes, and favourite leisure activities.... and many more!


3.     Francolab

Francolab is an initiative from TV5 Québec Canada and consists of a wonderful collection of French videos and teacher guides that is all FREE! These resources are suitable for intermediate students.


4.     French Children’s Stories

A high-quality collection of popular stories in French from The French Experiment. 



Digital cultural activities and resources:


1.     Les excursions virtuelles

Includes 7 virtual French field trips for students in grades 4-7. 

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