Hands-on learning in French class

 Hands-on learning in French class


As French teachers, we are always looking for ways to engage our students with the curriculum requirements. Students engagement is about really getting students to connect with the material they are learning. My students always love playing games. There is never a student who isn’t participating on French games day! Unfortunately, we can’t always play games, but I’ve found another strategy that helps my students ‘buy-in’ to the current French unit of study.


When we think of hands-on learning, we often think of Science or Math class. But I am going to show you how I’ve incorporated hands-on learning in French class to help engage students. Here is my secret: allow your students a chance to show off their creativity by designing and BUILDING something.


I have created 2 complete units of study that focus on writing, listening, reading, and speaking skills in French, while also allowing students to use their creativity for hands-on learning. I will explain those 2 units below.

1. Mon camion restaurant


The first unit focussed on French food vocabulary: La Nourriture Un Camion Restaurant French Food Unit. ‘Mon camion restaurant’ is a complete unit for French classes that focusses on food and restaurant related French vocabulary. The unit integrates over 7 hours of reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities that are perfect for grades 4-9. Students will consider their own likes and dislikes, write and participate in surveys and interviews, and create their own food truck, with menu and recipe.


Students use a 3D template to design their food truck, based around their own food preferences. For a fun interactive twist have your students use a menu template from Canva to create a professional menu for their restaurant.


The 49-page unit includes everything students and teachers will need to get started:

-14-page teacher’s guide and tracking sheets

-Food vocabulary list/ word wall cards

-Reading/writing response on food truck facts

-Asking questions/ research questions

-classroom food truck surveys

-considering likes and dislikes

-naming your food truck

-designing a logo

-partitive articles

-create a menu

-cooking verbs

-write a recipe

-design your food truck

-describe your food truck

-interview a classmate

-assessment guide/rubric

-answer keys

-learning goals poster


What other teachers have to say about “Mon Camion Restaurant”:


“Love, love, love this resource! Instead of just introducing the older students to simply a food unit, I LOVE this creative idea. I especially love that this resource was available on EASEL. I am very pleased as I started this lesson in class, and the transitions were seamless when we were told to teach online.

I liked the type of questions being asked. It was written with simple language which was appreciated especially since my students are of high needs. Merci beaucoup!”


“My students LOVED this unit! I was able to easily add extra videos/activities within this unit that worked seamlessly with the included activities. My students were so creative with their food trucks and enjoyed the planning stages. I have kept several of the finished trucks as well as the writing because the products were impressive! I will continue to use this each year!”


“This was such fun end of the unit activity. We had spent time learning about food and then decided to make a Food Truck rather than a menu at a restaurant. My kids LOVED this assignment. The creativity and the this allowed them was perfect! This resource has many sheets that are helpful for your kids to plan and have the confident vocabulary to help them.”


2. Mon invention révolutionnaire

The second unit ‘Mon invention révolutionnaire,’ is a complete curriculum unit focusing on French vocabulary. The unit integrates reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities that are perfect for students in grades 5-9. Students will consider their own needs and the needs of others, write and participate in surveys and interviews, create their own prototype for a unique invention, and participate in a final oral presentation.


In this unit, your students will:

•Learn about and identify French/English cognates

•participate/conduct a survey

•acquire useful vocabulary

•learn about famous inventors and inventions

•Express preferences

•Learn about adjectives

•Use ordinal numbers and connecting words

•create an invention

•describe their inventions

•conduct an interview

•give an oral presentation


This 60-page complete unit resource includes:

-13-page detailed Teacher’s Guide

-29 student activity pages (with answer key)

-2 instructional PowerPoint presentations

-self-reflection and assessment rubric

-customized teacher tracking sheets


Have you tried one of these French teaching units yet? Let me know in the comments below!




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