French classroom activities for end of the school year

 French classroom activities for end of the school year


Wahoo! Summer is ALMOST here. I hope that you have something fabulous planned for your summer that is just for YOU. 


Until the summer break begins, you may be looking for some activity and resource ideas for the end of the school year for your French classes. Sound like you? Then, read on because I have put together a round-up of my favourite things to do with my French classes at the end of the school year.


1.     Bridge the home-school connection with a home activities calendar

This French home activity calendar will help you bridge the home-school connection during the summer. Send it home with your students on the last day of school for authentic learning experiences all summer long. Parents and students can choose specific activities to complete. A parent letter is also included so you can just print-and-go!


2.     Let them know they are cared for!

Check out these adorable FREE printable student cards from Parfaitment Parnell. Write a message for each of your students to thank them for a great year.


3.     French summer vocabulary activities

Get your students prepared to talk about their summer plans with French summer-themed vocabulary activities like SCOOT, magic reveal puzzles, sentence writing or colour-by-code.


4.     Reward your students!

Your students will be grinning ear to ear when they receive these French classroom rewards certificates. These awards are designed with #hashtags and emojis to appeal to your older students. On each award, there is a place for the student’s name and your signature. Simply print the awards on your colour printer and customize!

5.     Write about l’ÉTÉ.

This fun and easy-to-use French summer writing activity by Mme R’s French Resources is perfect for Core French or French immersion students. Students complete 5 sentences to talk about what they do in summer. (...and it’s a FREE download!)



Do you have any favourite activities or rituals that your students enjoy at the end of the school year? Let me know in the comments below!


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