French winter vocabulary activities

  French winter vocabulary activities

I’ve assembled 5 of my favourite themed vocabulary activities that help my students speak, write and read about winter in French. Are you looking for ideas to teach French vocabulary for winter? Check out the ideas below for resources and activity ideas for your FSL classroom.


1.     French Winter vocabulary activities

Get your students prepared to talk about Winter with French winter-themed vocabulary activities like SCOOT, magic reveal puzzles, sentence writing or colour-by-code.


2.     Winter sentence writing

This French descriptive sentence writing activity will help your students improve the quality of their sentences by answering 5 questions about a photo and then transferring the answers into a complete sentence. 


3.     French winter vocabulary puzzles

Use these 38 FREE vocabulary and illustration matching puzzles from Mme. R’s French Resources to help your students practice French winter vocabulary.


4.     Winter listening activity

Use this listening activity FREE from Hello-Bonjour! You will read a silly winter-themed sentence, while your students will then illustrate the sentence.


5.     French Winter scrambled sentences

This activity from For French Immersion provides you with cards for 6 winter-themed sentences. You students will arrange the cards to create sentences.

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