10 Captivating French Songs for Older Students: Enhance Language Learning through Music


10 Captivating French Songs for Older Students: Enhance Language Learning through Music

As students grow older, their musical tastes evolve, and incorporating popular French songs into language learning can greatly engage and motivate them. By exploring age-appropriate French songs, older students can deepen their understanding of vocabulary, grammar, and cultural nuances while enjoying the rhythms and melodies of contemporary French music. In this blog post, we present a curated selection of 10 captivating French songs that will captivate and inspire older students, fostering their love for the French language and culture. Let's embark on a musical journey together!


"J'ai cherché" by Amir:

Amir's upbeat and inspiring song "J'ai cherché" is a perfect choice for older students. Its catchy melody and motivational lyrics encourage perseverance and determination while providing an opportunity to practice listening comprehension and vocabulary expansion.

"Je veux" by Zaz:

"Je veux" by Zaz is a soulful and empowering song that resonates with older students. Its poetic lyrics explore themes of individuality, freedom, and the pursuit of dreams, making it an ideal choice to discuss personal aspirations while improving listening and pronunciation skills.

"La vie en rose" by Edith Piaf:

Edith Piaf's timeless classic, "La vie en rose," is a beautiful ballad that exposes students to the rich cultural heritage of France. Its melodic charm and romantic lyrics provide an opportunity for students to practice listening comprehension and appreciate the emotional depth of French music.

"Papaoutai" by Stromae:

Stromae's chart-topping hit, "Papaoutai," combines a catchy beat with thought-provoking lyrics. The song explores themes of absence and the longing for a father's presence, creating opportunities for discussions about family dynamics and emotions while improving vocabulary and grammar skills.

"On écrit sur les murs" by Kids United:

"On écrit sur les murs" by Kids United is a powerful song that encourages unity, empathy, and social awareness. Its uplifting message and melodic chorus make it an excellent choice for discussing social issues and promoting inclusivity while practicing listening comprehension.

"Comme des enfants" by Coeur de Pirate:

Coeur de Pirate's "Comme des enfants" is a delightful and introspective song that portrays the innocence and complexity of young love. Its poetic lyrics and gentle melody offer opportunities for discussing emotions, relationships, and personal experiences while enhancing vocabulary and grammar skills.

"Tourner dans le vide" by Indila:

Indila's hauntingly beautiful song, "Tourner dans le vide," captivates students with its mesmerizing melody and introspective lyrics. It provides an opportunity to explore themes of self-reflection, inner struggles, and personal growth, all while deepening language skills and cultural understanding.

"Dernière danse" by Indila:

Indila's "Dernière danse" is a powerful and emotive song that explores themes of loss and resilience. Its melodic richness and poetic lyrics provide opportunities for discussions on emotions, personal experiences, and cultural perspectives, enhancing vocabulary and grammar skills in the process.

"Tourne" by Shy'm

"Tourne" is a captivating French-language song performed by the talented French singer and songwriter Shy'm. Released in 2011 as part of her album "Prendre l'air," the song quickly became a hit and showcased Shy'm's unique blend of pop and R&B influences.

"Toi plus Moi" by Gregoire

"Toi Plus Moi" is a charming and uplifting song performed by the French singer-songwriter Grégoire. Released in 2008 as the lead single from his self-titled debut album, the song quickly became a massive hit in France and propelled Grégoire to national fame.

By incorporating these 10 captivating French songs into your language learning curriculum, you can engage and inspire older students in their journey to master the French language. From motivational tunes to thought-provoking ballads, each song offers a unique opportunity to explore vocabulary, grammar, and cultural nuances while appreciating the beauty of contemporary French music. Through the power of music, your students will enhance their linguistic skills, deepen their cultural understanding, and develop a lifelong appreciation for the French language and its vibrant musical landscape. So, turn up the volume and let the melodies transport you to the enchanting world of French music!

Looking for some more listening experiences for French class? 

Chansons en Compétition

Introducing "Chansons en Compétition" - The Ultimate French Music Competition listening activity for French language classrooms! This resource is designed for French language teachers who want to engage their students in a unique and exciting way. This resource is perfect for students in grade 5 and up.

Here's what makes it awesome: This resource includes a selection of 12 diverse teacher-approved songs representing various genres and artists. Each day, your students will listen to 2 songs and vote for their favourite. The winners will move on to the next round and compete to be named the top song.

French listening activities with songs for French class
This is a set of listening activities for French students in grades 4-6 using traditional French songs. It makes a great weekly listening routine for French class. This resource includes activities for 8 songs. 

Students will listen to the song via a YouTube video (linked in this document via a Google Slide) and complete a cloze passage activity for each song. Each song is featured on a single-page activity, which includes important vocabulary, interesting facts to read, comprehension and extension activities. Complete teacher answer key is also included.

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