Incorporating culture in the French classroom

As educators, we understand the significance of delving into the diverse tapestry of culture, history, and traditions beyond the mechanics of language. In this blog post, we will explore creative ways to infuse Franco-Canadian experiences into your French classroom, fostering a deeper appreciation for the language and its unique Franco-Canadian roots.


Culinary Explorations: Savouring Franco-Canadian Delights

One of the most accessible ways to introduce Franco-Canadian culture is through its diverse cuisine. Organize a "Franco-Canadian Food Day" where students can bring in or prepare dishes like tourtière, sugar pie, or pouding chômeur. Encourage them to share their experiences and any interesting facts they've learned about these iconic Franco-Canadian dishes. Find some of these great French-Canadian recipes here from The French-Canadian Genealogist.


Artistic Journeys: Franco-Canadian Visual Arts and Literature

Introduce students to prominent Franco-Canadian artists like Jean-Paul Riopelle, or Alfred Pellan. Display their artworks around the classroom and discuss their significance. You can also organize a mini art gallery or even a field trip to a local art museum featuring Franco-Canadian artists.


Additionally, delve into Franco-Canadian literature by incorporating excerpts from works by authors like Antonine Maillet, Gabrielle Roy, or Michel Tremblay. Discuss the cultural contexts in which these works were created, giving students a deeper understanding of the language's evolution in Franco-Canadian communities.


Music and Dance: The Rhythms of Franco-Canadian Traditions

Invite students to explore the vibrant world of Franco-Canadian music, from Quebecois folk songs to Acadian reels. Play snippets of songs and discuss their lyrics, themes, and cultural relevance. Consider organizing a Franco-Canadian-themed dance workshop or a music listening session to bring the language to life through rhythm and melody. Check out this resource featuring traditional French folk songs from around the world.

traditional French songs listening activities

Celebrating Franco-Canadian Heritage: Festivals and Holidays

Introduce your students to the dynamic array of festivals and holidays celebrated in Franco-Canadian communities. Whether it's La Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rendez-vous de la Francophonie, or Acadian Day, each event offers a unique window into Franco-Canadian culture. Arrange special classroom activities or presentations focusing on these celebrations, allowing students to gain insights into the customs and traditions associated with them. Explore how communities in Canada celebrate Francophone culture at annual festivals throughout the country with this resource.

explore French-Canadian festivals


Film and Television: Franco-Canadian Cinema Nights

Host "Franco-Canadian Film Nights" where students can watch and discuss films from Franco-Canadian directors with English subtitles. 


Virtual Field Trips and Cross-Cultural Connections

Incorporate technology to take your students on virtual field trips to different regions with strong Franco-Canadian influence. Use online resources to explore landmarks, museums, and cultural sites, allowing students to experience the beauty and history of these communities. This resource will guide your students through a virtual visit to Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg.

virtual field trip to Saint-Bonfiace, MB.

Another idea is to pair your students with pen pals from Franco-Canadian communities. This exchange not only provides valuable language practice but also offers a unique opportunity to learn about daily life, customs, and traditions directly from native speakers in Franco-Canadian regions.



By weaving Franco-Canadian experiences into your French language curriculum, you're not only teaching a language but also opening doors to a world of Franco-Canadian history, art, and traditions. These immersive activities will inspire your students to develop a deeper connection with the French language and its vibrant Franco-Canadian heritage. Embrace creativity, encourage curiosity, and watch your classroom come alive with the beauty of Franco-Canadian culture! Bonne chance, professeurs!

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