French Earth Day Resources - Le Jour de la Terre

French Earth Day Resources – Le Jour de la Terre

Earth day is April 22nd. Earth day is an annual worldwide event to demonstrate support for the protection of the environment. What plans have you made to recognize this important event in our French classroom? Or, are you still looking for some great ideas? 

To help, I have complied a list of some great resources (most are FREE!) available on the internet. I hope these resources can help you!

The Earth Day Network has many resources for educators available free on their website. There are lesson plans, and toolkits available for organizing a whole-school event. The resources are available in many languages!

Waist Reduction Week in Canada
Waist Reduction Week in Canada offers some great resources for Teachers that you can use year-round in your French classroom. The resources provided include tips for waste reduction, shoreline cleanup, how to pack a waste-free lunch, and and Earth day Eco kit for kids!

Ontario Ecoschoolsis an initiative which aims to reduce the environmental footprint of schools and nurture environmental leaders. They offer environmental lesson plans for all grades.

Use this collaborative poster to reflect on and celebrate Earth Day (April 22) or any 'Earth care' theme in your French classroom. This collaborative poster activity features a student writing prompt and an illustration. 

The poster is comprised of 25 8.5 x11 inch pages, which are to be colouredbystudents and assembled to form a large display. The final poster measures 51 by 38 inches. Students will reflect on how they can help the Earth by responding to the journal prompt “Pour aider la Terre, jevais…” on their own pages. Then, they colour the page.  All completed student pages are then assembled with tape. Each page is marked with a coordinate number for easy assembly. 

This poster makes a great display for the classroom, hallway or bulletin board.

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