5 French Teachers you need to follow on Instagram

5 French teachers you need to follow on Instagram

If you are looking for fresh ideas for your classroom, great book suggestions, or classroom design ideas, turning to Instagram for ideas is a great option! French teachers are sharing their teaching experiences and ideas daily on this unique platform. 

I love following other teachers on Instagram. I get to see what other teachers are doing in their classrooms- what worked well and what didn’t. Also, I get TONS of fun new ideas and book suggestions!

Here are 5 of the great French teacher accounts that I follow on Instagram:

 Madame Qadiri is a Jr/Sr high school teacher who posts once or twice a month about some of the great activities and routines that she employs in her classes. The activities are creative and engaging!

 A Canadian French teacher chronicles her journey in teaching French at the primary and junior levels. She is very active on Instagram and readily shares books, songs and bulletin board ideas. 

 Vicki is a middle school French teacher. New to teaching and Instagram, she has been posting about her creative approaches to teaching French to junior students.

 Mme Janet is a Maternelle/1 FI teacher in Canada. She has some great book suggestions and shares activities related to the inquiry approach in early French Immersion.

 Marie-Jo is a teacher of FLE in Spain. She posts daily graphics using common French vocabulary. The graphics may be useful to share with your older learners. 

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