10 Real-life language applications for French class

10 Real-life language applications for French class

Are you looking for ways to tie in real-life learning applications in your French classroom? Below, I’ve included 10 of my best ideas for helping to make learning acquisition authentic and meaningful to your students. Remember to try to choose activities that appeal to the interests of your class.

 10 Real-life language applications for French class 

1.    Gratitude journals
Learning to keep a gratitude journal is a healthy habit that aids in maintaining good mental health. However, it can also be a useful tool for the language classroom. Give your students a notebook that is reserved for this special task. Alternatively, you can have students keep a Google document that they will add to daily or weekly throughout the year. 

Each day (or week), have your students write something that they are grateful for at school, at home, or in their community. At the end of the year they will have a wonderful collection of gratitude thoughts to look back on AND they will have had a daily opportunity to write in the target language!

2.    I can dream! 
Have your students create a Pinterest board for their dream bedroom, wardrobe or games room and write a description and title for each inclusion.

3.    Labelling 
Pull out those colourful post-it notes and have your students use the notes to label everything in the classroom. You can make this into a competitive game by giving teams of students each a different colour. At the end of a set period of time, total the number of correct labels that each team has created and assign points to each team.

4.    Plan a vacation
Who doesn’t love a vacation? Our students may be dreaming of the perfect family vacation, or an independent trip that they may enjoy when they are older. Have students plan out their perfect vacation, including all of the details (modes of transportation, distances, time of departure, things they will see, what they will pack) and present it to the class in a slideshow, journal or pamphlet.

5.    Play dress-up!
Have your students bring in a costume, or collect some old clothing and have your students dress up! They can take turns introducing themselves and describing what they are wearing.

6.    Become a chef!
Choose a simple recipe to assemble as a class. You can have students illustrate the recipe, gather ingredients and enjoy!

7.    House tours 
Students give an audio tour of their house, their dream house or a favourite celebrity’s house.

8.    Organize a party
Organize a classroom party (real or pretend). Have your students plan all of the elements, make invitations, plan a menu, make a shopping list for decorations and supplies.

9.    Keep a daily journal
I like to have my students keep a daily journal. They write the date, write about their day, something they are looking forward to, something they are thinking about, or a problem that they have. I read their entries respond to them each week. It’s nice to have a dialogue with them.

10. Game time!
Practice vocabulary related to playing games with your students. Then, have your students bring in their favourite board games and have a great time conversing in French while playing board games.

Looking for more resources to help your students gain confidence speaking and writing in French? Check out these resources from The French Nook:

This routine is an excellent way to incorporate daily authentic speaking in the target language, increase student participation, student engagement and help your students gain confidence. This resource contains 32 printable poster cards with questions about preferences, numbers, colours, family, weather and the calendar. You may use all of the questions with your class, or start with only a few, depending of the level you teach.

Find this resource HERE.

Use this set of 24 French speaking prompts to give your students an opportunity to practice their conversational skills and gain confidence asking and answering questions in French.

This is a great activity to have available for early finishers or to use as a communication centre.

There are many ways you can use this activity, including:
-use as a warm-up activity or ice breaker. Have students draw a stick as they enter the classroom and ask their question to another student.

-for early finishers, have students work in pairs asking and answering questions. They can then complete a self-evaluation to hand back to the teacher.

Get these conversation prompts HERE.

I hope that these ideas are helpful to you! If you have any other great ideas, please feel free to share them in the comments below!

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