How to use digital BOOM Cards in your FSL classroom

How to use digital BOOM Cards in your FSL classroom

Are you looking for a digital activity to complement your French units? Digital task cards from BOOM Learning are a great way for your students to review learned vocabulary and engage in a variety of grammar tasks. 

Below, I answer many of your questions about BOOM cards and outline ways that you can use these interactive decks with your students to engage them in your curriculum content. 

What are BOOM cards?
Haven’t heard of BOOM Cards yet? Boom Cards are self-grading, interactive, digital resources that give your students instant feedback. They play on most modern browsers (within the last 3 years), Android, iPads, iPhones, and Kindle Fires. 

Check out THIS VIDEO from BOOM Learning for a video introduction to BOOM Cards.

How can I use BOOM cards in my FSL classroom?

BOOM cards are versatile for online learning or in-class use. The cards are self-grading and can be used in learning centers, during whole group work, and for practice in small groups.

Here are some great ideas for using BOOM cards in your FSL classroom.

1.    Skills practice.Have students practice and reinforce taught concepts with fun and engaging Boom card decks. They are available in many themes, or you can make your own to suit the needs of your class.
2.    Leaning centres.Use the BOOM card activities at your in-class learning centre on any device to keep students on task.
3.    Homework.You can assign BOOM cards as a homework activity. Online teacher tracking (with paid membership) makes it easy for teachers to see who has completed the assignment and see student achievement results.
4.    Tests.An easy way to test your students in many skill areas is by assigning a BOOM card deck with the skills that you would like to assess. The card decks are self-grading and teachers will receive results immediately. (teacher tracking is available with paid membership to BOOM learning. To see their membership tiers, visit their site HERE.)

What themes are available?

Many BOOM cards decks are available for use in the FSL classroom – with more being added frequently! You can search directly on the Boom Learning website for available topics.

Some of the topics available that were created by The French Nook, include:

French vocabulary topics:
Les sentiments
La famille
La météo
La maison
Les parties du corps
Les prepositions de lieu
...and more!

For a complete list of all BOOM decks available from the French Nook, click HERE.

You can search the BOOM Learning store for all available topics HERE.

Do I need an account?

You will need to create at least a FREE account with Boom Learning to access the card decks.  It allows unlimited FastPlay of the decks. Paid memberships start at $15USD a year, giving access to student tracking. Find out more about membership levels HERE

Can I make my own BOOM cards?

YES! You can make your own customized decks on BOOM learning and assign them to your classes. See THIS VIDEO for how to get started with deck creation.

Can I use BOOM cards with distance learning?

YES! Because BOOM cards do not require any printing or laminating, they are great for distance learning. 

When you choose FastPlay, you will receive a code to share with your students, allowing them access to that deck for 14 days. You can also assign decks via Google Classroom. Learn how in THIS VIDEO!

Ready to get started?

Do you want the ease of assigning your student activities with just one click? BOOM cards are a time-saver and students love the interactive features.

Get started with any of my Boom cards HERE!

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