Virtual field trips for FSL classrooms

A field trip may feel like a luxury to most FSL teachers. The reality is that we often see our students for only part of the day and are not able to take them on a whole-day trip to experience French culture.

Did you know that you can still give your students that same ‘field trip day’ excitement? Yes, it’s true! Let me introduce you to VIRTUAL field trips!

Did I just make you nervous? Don’t be – no school bus transportation, no name tags, and no buddy system required. These field trips can be completed from the classroom (or in your digital classroom).

I have designed 7 field trips for FSL learners in grades 4-7 that will immerse them in their field trip environment. (see them HERE.)

Each trip begins with a welcome slide with an introduction to their destination.

Then, your students will draw on their prior knowledge to complete a KWL chart in preparation for their field trip.

Next, your students will view a carefully selected YouTube video (or a few videos- depending on the topic) complete with French narration. The videos are great to practice French listening skills.

Your students will then answer a series of 5 comprehension questions based on what they have learned about their destination.

Finally, students are given a choice of activity to complete as a final response to show what they have learned on their field trip.

Does this sound like a great way to get your students engaged while learning about French culture? 

If you’re ready to get started, check out all of the virtual field trips from The French Nook HERE!

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