Socially distant games for French class

 Socially distant games for French class

Have you returned to in-class learning? I have complied a list of games that are perfect for your socially distant classroom. The following games will not require students to share resources or get too close, so they are perfect for use in your socially distant classroom. 

Games have always been an important part of engaging students in the French classroom. However, it can be difficult to adapt the games that you already use, or for students to get used to the new rules for distancing. So, I’ve complied the following list of games and activities for you to take to your classroom to help you keep kids learning, safe and happy. Take a look through, I think you’ll find something that both you and your students will enjoy. 

1.    Dix

This game is great for practicing numbers in French! In this game students must stand up and say a number, but if two students stand up at the same time, then they are out. A variation of this game is a perfect social distancing classroom activity as students can stay behind their own desk while playing.

To play, tell students that as a class they are going to count to 10. Tell them that one student must stand up and say the number 1. Then a different student must stand up and say number 2, and so on up to 10. Any student can stand up at any time, but if two students stand up at the same time, then they lose.

This game is always a hit and can be played while students keep their distance from each other. You can adapt this game as your students become more confident with number vocabulary. Start the game at a higher number, or have them count to a higher number.

2.     Mini Whiteboard Messaging

    In this simple writing activity, each student uses a mini whiteboard, and works with a     partner who can be anywhere in the classroom- they must be able to see each other. Rather than speaking a conversation, they will write it in messages on their whiteboard and hold it up for their partner to read and respond to. What learners write on the boards follows a conversational style, and is written as if it were being spoken. This allows your students to communicate from a safe distance and allows them time to think about and formulate their responses. It also allows you, as the teacher, to see any errors that may be appearing. 

3.    Préfères-tu?


     This game is available in my TPT shop HERE. These high-interest, kid-friendly questions will get your students thinking and talking in the target language while acquiring new French vocabulary. This resource is recommended for FSL students in grades 4 and up. To play, display a slide on a projector in your classroom. Students will vote for preference and you can ask older students to provide a rationale for their answers. 

 4.    Solve-the-room French verb task cards

 This activity is also available in my TPT shop HERE. This activity is for practicing verb conjugation, but it can also be played with almost any set of task cards that you already have! If you are concerned about shared materials, this activity is perfect. To play, cut out the task cards and place them on the walls around the classroom (at least 6 feet apart). Each student will use a tracking sheet and a pencil to record their answers. Instruct students to find each card and write the appropriate response on their tracking sheets. Make sure to advise students that only 1 student may be at each card station at a time to maintain social distancing!

What games are your students loving in your classroom this year? Post a comment below to let me know!

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