Using Texts and SMS language to teach French

 Using Texts and SMS language to teach French

SMS language is the language used for sending text messages- characterized by shortened words, use of slang terms and mixing letters and numbers in words (eg- c u l8tr – see you later). Our students that are using cell phones to text their parents and friends are already using this language by reading it and using their creativity to invent new combinations with emojis to communicate with their social circle. Below, I talk about ways to incorporate this language in the FSL classroom. Teaching FRENCH SMS language to your students is an engaging way to explore conversational vocabulary and grammar in the FSL classroom.


The question has been asked if teaching this very unconventional use of language will be damaging to learning actual grammar and vocabulary rules. A study conducted in 2016 found quite the opposite. The study “The Influence of Texting Language on Grammar and Executive Functions in Primary School Children,” (linked HERE)sought to understand if frequent use of SMS language would be detrimental to the development of grammar skills. The study found that the use of SMS language actually improved children’s abilities in written language, and that it may also enhance their grammar abilities in spoken language.

French SMS, emojis and texting mini-unit available in my TPT shop!


If you want to incorporate SMS language in your FSL classes, you can find the French ‘dictionnaire SMS’ here:


I have also created a mini-unit of study for students in grades 5 through 8 about the use of emojis, texts and SMS language in French. The 28-page package contains:

-16 illustrated full colour emoji word wall strips with definitions.

-2 blank word wall strips for adding your own definitions and illustrations.

-5+ engaging ideas and games for introducing new vocabulary to your students.

-5 worksheet activities targeting reading and writing development.

-Full teacher instruction guide.

-A unit quiz.

-Teacher answer key for all activities and quiz

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Unit includes 16 illustrated full colour emoji word wall strips with definitions


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