Success criteria for the FSL classroom

Success criteria for the FSL classroom 

FSL teachers play an essential role is helping students grow as learners by ensuring that students understand what they are learning and by demonstrating what effective learning looks like. As FSL teachers, we both assess students for learning and assess student learning daily. As part of this is helping students understand why they are learning and what goals are being sought in any subject. To achieve this, FSL teachers must establish both: (1) clear learning goals and (2) criteria for student success.


Learning goals: are the focus and the purpose of your lesson? What are you teaching? What do you want the students to learn from this lesson?


Student success criteria: explains how students will know that they have learned what they should from the lesson. 


For example, below is a sample of what a learning goal and success criteria might be for learning to ask questions in French class.


Learning goal

I will ask and answer simple questions in French.


Success criteria:

- I can ask someone their name

- I can tell someone my name

- I can ask someone their age

- I can tell someone my age

- I can correct information about my name and age


Writing this with your students and posting them in a visible place in the classroom will give your students clear direction and ensure learning expectations are clear.


I have created a set of “Je peux...” statements that I have printed and laminated to have success criteria at the ready each day. “Je peux…” statements break down learning goals into smaller, more attainable goals and help teachers better focus a lesson. 


You can use “Je peux..” statements in your French classroom effectively by:

-posting the goal during a unit or lesson so that students can read it and refer to it.

-reviewing the statement at the beginning and throughout the lesson with your students.

"Je peux.." statements - just print-and-go


If you are looking for some print-and-go statements that you can start using with your students today, I have a set available in my TPT store HERE. Included in this document, you will find 10 French “Je peux...” statement posters. They focus on the domains of: listening, writing and speaking. Each statement is offered in both a colour poster and in a black and white version. I have also included a blank template so that you can customize the posters to your own goals.

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