Tips for using anchor charts in the FSL classroom


Anchor charts in the FSL classroom


One thing I DIDN’T learn in my teacher training program was how to create anchor charts. Though, I hardly think I could get through a week in teaching WITHOUT using one. I put together this post to help educate French teachers on the WHAT, WHY and HOW of anchor charts and to connect you with some great resources to get you started.


What is an anchor chart?


Anchor charts usually are large, poster-sized visuals with information, charts, and illustrations pertaining to subject material that you would like your students to retain. Anchor charts make the information visible and accessible for students.

Print-and-go anchor charts from The French Nook

How do I create anchor charts?


To get started, you will need chart paper and markers and a little pre-planning. Before a lesson, think about the learning outcomes you are hoping to cover. What is the most important information that you wish your students to retain? What strategies do you want to highlight?


With these ideas in mind, you will want to create this chart AS you teach your lesson. Keep the chart paper on one side of your teaching space, start with a title, and add to the chart as you teach the key points. 


Be sure to keep the chart SIMPLE and NEAT and use a variety of colours to help highlight the different points. This will make it easier for your students to quickly draw information from the chart as they work. Finally, be sure to incorporate pictures or graphs that will help illustrate the text.


If you are looking for some examples of FSL anchor charts created by other French teachers, a simple Google or Pinterest search of “French anchor charts” will get you started on some ideas.


If you are looking for anchor charts that students can reference all year to help them develop their writing skills, see THESE print-and-go anchor charts from The French Nook. 

Writing anchor charts from The French Nook


How do I use anchor charts in my FSL classroom?


French anchor charts (les tableaux d'ancrage) are essential classroom tools that are used to support a lesson and help students gain independence when completing a related task. Anchor charts help build visible literacy in the French language classroom, providing a reliable support for students. Anchor charts can be used to:


-maximize engagement 


-illustrate a lesson


-support independent work


-reinforce classroom expectations and procedures


-support oral communication in the target language



I hope that the above information can get your started with anchor charts in your FSL classroom. If you have any helpful tips for anchor charts, leave them in the comments below!



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