5 great books for Junior French students

5 great books for Junior French students


I have often found it difficult to find easy-to-read French books for beginners that appeal to junior-level French students. In some parts of Canada, students begin learning French in 4thgrade. While they are learning beginner French vocabulary, we often want to engage them in reading. I have found that books that are non-fiction or include humour have been the most frequently selected with my junior French students.


Below are some of the books that I have found that appeal to beginner FSL students in grades 4-6. I have linked each title to a site where you can find more details on each book. (The links are not affiliate links. These are just good books that I recommend for your school are classroom library.) See below for some suggested reading extension activities.



Bizarre mais vrai!

This is a great series from National Geographic full of fun and interesting facts written in short sentences and illustrated with photos. This series is great for both the junior and intermediate crowd.


Léon et les inventions

I am loving these books by Annie Groovie to help engage older FSL students with texts. This book answers students’ question about common inventions and shares interesting facts.


Biographie en images

Scholastic has a terrific series that profiles the lives of important and motivational figures throughout history. They are a great reading resource for your beginner junior classes.



Do your junior students enjoy graphic novels? This easy to read graphic novel about superhero animals is a good fit for your beginner FSL students in the junior grades.

Zig zag

This is a series of early readers published by Scholastic. I just love them for my junior core French students because they are easy to read for beginners, but they are funny- which appeals to 4thand 5thgraders. There are numerous titles in the series. Check them out!

***Having diverse picture books in the classroom is extremely important the 21st century classroom. Check out this list of diverse books and accompanying activities for French class from FLE avec Mme D.


Reading extension activities for FSL


Are you looking for a way to extend your students’ engagement with texts in the FSL classroom? Build your FSL students' reading comprehension with these 25 useful reading response and comprehension graphic organizers from The French Nook. They can be used with ANY text! They are also available in print version or in DIGITAL format in Google slides.


These versatile prompts can be used throughout the year for both fiction and non-fiction texts and are perfect for a quick response, exit ticket or assessment.


This resource includes the following 25 organizers:

•La grande idée

•L’idée principale

•L’argument principal


•Le problème (et la solution)

•La relation cause-effet

•L’ordre et la succession

•Tableau SVA

•Les éléments de l’histoire

•Citer et paraphraser

•Cela me rappelle...

•D’après ce que j’ai lu, je pense...

•Les personnalités et leurs traits

•Les traits de caractère

•3 choses que j’ai apprises aujourd’hui

•Je pense...

•Je me demande...

•Je remarque...



•3 questions

•Faits ou opinions?

•Mes predictions

•Le nouveau vocabulaire

•Créer des liens

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