FSL bellwork activities

FSL bellwork activities


When I am planning my daily French class routines, I often include a concept called bellwork. So, what exactly is bellwork?


Bellwork is a simple activity that students complete as soon as they walk into the class before the lesson actually begins.


The strategy behind bellwork is that your students are engaged in a routine  activity as soon as they enter the room and therefore sets the scene for productivity. Bellwork also serves a number of other useful functions. It allows the teacher time to complete other activities, such as checking agendas and homework before the lesson begins, whilst the students are busy completing the bellwork activity.


Aim to structure bellwork activities that last around 3 or 4 minutes. Some ideas for bellwork tasks include:

 -reviewing the previous lesson

-a thought-provoking question

-an activity designed to get the students thinking about the lesson ahead

-practicing a skill already taught


It is a simple idea but very effective.


Here are some great bellwork resources that I have prepared for junior and intermediate FSL students:

Questionnaire Quotidien French daily check-in prompts

‘Questionnaire Quotidien’ is a fun and engaging daily check-in routine for French classes. Suitable for core or immersion French, this resource contains 73 question prompts to get your students thinking and communicating in French.

This resource contains 5 different daily questions. Switch it up for each day of the week! The activities include: daily mood check-in, expressing preferences, daily journal or discussion questions, name something, and stand up if....

Your digital download includes 73 png files. Easily add the image to your daily slideshow, or select and project in your classroom.



FSL French Daily Work BUNDLE

This BUNDLE contains 4 great resources: levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 of FSL daily work. These levelled packets each provide 12 weeks of daily practice of beginning French vocabulary and grammar.

Each of the 4 packets provides daily routine pages for independent student work. The weeks are structured to provide scaffolding and a gradual release of supports so that students can gain more confidence in the classroom and in the French language. The packet can be used as morning work, bell work, or homework.

Each resource also includes helpful vocabulary supports in the form of full-page anchor charts. Print and laminate for student reference as they begin this package.


Journal du matin French daily activities

Help your students ready their brains for second language learning and provide a stress-free routine for the beginning of class. This French daily task journal provides 35 weeks of bell-ringer tasks for your FSL students (175 activities total). Each day, students will complete a short minds-on task in their journals. Tasks include vocabulary, reading and writing and are appropriate for French language learners in grades 5-8.

This journal is numbered by week, so that you can begin using it at any time of the year! The journal is easily printed in black and white, and requires zero prep. Just print and distribute! This resource saves you valuable TIME by not having to write a journal question every day.

This resource now includes a digital GOOGLE DRIVE version that is perfect for distance learning!



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