How to play SCOOT in French class


How to play SCOOT in French class

 Have you heard of the fun and engaging French classroom games called SCOOT?! Your students will be up and moving with this fast- paced and exciting review activity and will ask to play again and again. Scoot is a whole class activity where students move between classroom desks and do a task at each desk. It is a highly motivating, fun game that your students will love!

How to play SCOOT: 


You will need to start with a set of numbered task cards for the topic that you wish to review. You can use task cards that you already have or check out these pre-made SCOOT French vocabulary topics cards I have created. 

Have enough task cards so that there is one for each student. Place one card upside-down on each desk.

Have each student make a recording sheet using a piece of lined or scrap paper. They will need to number a list with the same numbers as the task cards. (example: 1-25)

Also, determine how much time you want to give for each task.


  1. Students begin with the card that is front of them. When the game commences, they will write the response for their task card in the box on their response sheet that matches the number on the card. 
  2. At the end of the pre-determined amount of time, use a signal to indicate to students to move to the next desk. (use a bell, yell out “SCOOT”, clap a rhythm, blow a whistle...etc.) Students will then move to the next desk and write a response for that new card on their response sheets. 
  3. Students will continue to move to the next desk/card at each signal. Students continue play until they have rotated to all of the desks and are back at the card that they started at. 
  4. If time allows, go over the answers with your students.


TIPS for playing SCOOT:

       Before playing SCOOT, it is recommended that you set expectations for silence to be maintained throughout the game. This will allow all students to work well and concentrate on the task.

       Create a signal that you will use to indicate that it is time to move to a new desk and communicate this with your students. (use a bell, yell out “SCOOT”, clap a rhythm, blow a whistle...etc.)

       Give your students clear directions on how to play SCOOT, and which direction they should move at each signal.

       Practice with your students before actually playing the game by giving them the signal and having them move to a new desk each time. This will ensure that they know which desk to move to.


Have you played SCOOT with your students before? Do you have any helpful tips to share? Be sure to check out my pre-made SCOOT games HERE!





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