Making whole-class books in French class

whole-class books in French class

 Are you looking for a collaborative classroom-building activity for your French classroom? Can I suggest getting started with making whole-class books? 

I have always loved class-made books for a few reasons:

-They help create a sense of community in the classroom

-Students get to be published authors

-My students enjoy looking at other students’ work through the years

-They help build an authentic classroom library

-They get students excited about learning to read and write in French


I’ve put together a collection of my favourite whole-class book templates. These writing activities are low-prep and easy to use. Use the class book activities as: mini writing lessons, morning work, or as writing centers. Each class book topic includes: a full-colour book cover and 3 writing template pages to allow for differentiation. Find the French class book templates from The French Nook.


1.     Print the included book cover and a writing page for each student.

2.     Have each student complete a page by completing the writing prompt and decorating the page.

3.     Place the pages in sheet protectors and into a binder.  Slide the cover into the clear window, and place the book in your classroom library!


If you’re looking for more ideas to bind your class books, offers some great tips for simple book binding.

Are you ready to try creating class books with your students?  You can find my collection of class book templates sold in my TPT Store.  Class book titles I’ve included are:

-Quand nous serons grands

-Nos aliments préférés

-Nos couleurs préférées

-Notre superpuissance

-Notre classe

-Nos héros

-Le meilleur déguisement

-Nos traditions des fêtes

-Notre activité d’hiver préférée

-Notre animal de compagnie préféré

-Notre saison préférée

-Nos sports préférés


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