3 Tips to Encourage natural conversation in Your French Classroom

 3 Tips to Encourage natural conversation in Your French Classroom

As we’ve discussed on this blog before, being comfortable speaking French is an important part of learning and mastering the French language. It can also be one of the most difficult skills to develop in a classroom setting, especially with limited speaking time in class. Here are three ways to encourage your students to speak French in French class so they can get the practice they need!


1) Create a positive and comfortable classroom environment

It is important that students feel comfortable speaking in the classroom and with their classmates. Create a positive environment by forging personal connections with your students, using positive reinforcement and outlining rules for positive behaviours.


2) Use short and simple tasks or questions

Simple and low-prep activities and games are a low-stress way to help your students practice speaking in French. Check out these “Trouve quelqu'un qui..." activities. Students will walk around the room, and pose the included questions to their classmates and get signatures from students if they agree with the statements. This is a quick and easy way to help students gain confidence in speaking French. For more experienced students, have them ask more about that students’ experiences. Use as a morning activity, icebreaker, or leave with a substitute!

French conversation activities


For more easy game ideas sign check out this past blog post written with easy game ideas.


3) Encourage pair work and group work

Encourage pair work and group work. For example, if your students are learning the vocabulary words for the days of the week, have them work with a partner or small group to come up with sentences that use those words. They can then switch partners and try again. By doing this, they'll be able to practice oral communication more than if they were just quizzing each other on their knowledge of vocabulary words.








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