Fidgets in French Class - Sensory Experiences and Mindfulness

 Fidgets in French Class - Sensory Experiences and Mindfulness


A new trend in French class has sprung up over the past few years. Teachers have begun using fidgets and other sensory tools to help engage their students and improve their attention and focus while they study French. In this post, we’ll look at what fidgets are, why they work in French class, and how to regulate the use of fidget toys in your French classroom.


What are fidgets?

Fidgets are tools that help with sensory experiences, mindfulness, or focus. Fidgeting is a natural response to situations that feel overwhelming or stressful. When we fidget, our bodies release dopamine which can help with focus. These fidgets may also be used as a tool for students who need a little more sensory input during class time or are looking for ways to calm themselves when they're feeling overwhelmed in the classroom.


How can fidgets be used in French class?

There are many different types of fidgets that can be used in the classroom. The most popular fidgets are those that offer sensory experiences, such as textured jewelry, weighted blankets, and calming music. This can help children with ADHD or ASD stay focused on the lesson while giving them an outlet to release their energy. Other fidgets include stress-relieving items like fidget toys. These little gadgets are a great way to help kids focus in the classroom without causing disruptions for other students or themselves.


How can fidgets be used to promote sensory experiences and mindfulness?

Sensory experiences can help our students focus and relax. Simply playing some relaxing music or other calming sounds in the classroom can make a big impact. You can also teach your students to focus on their sense of touch. Have a basket with slime, playdoh, fidget, sponges, stress balls and other tactile objects available for your students. Try to have them focus on the object and how it feels. 


Establishing guidelines for using fidgets in the classroom.

Are your students having difficulty using their fidgets as a calming tool without disrupting the class or interfering with their learning? Check out these 5 tools created by The French Nook. Get your students back on track by providing them with these simple and effective guidelines and activities for using fidgets effectively in the classroom. This resource contains fidget rules posters, a social story reading, a fill-the-the-blank activity, a student visualization worksheet and expectations posters. They will be sure to help you and your students use fidgets effectively in French class.

Fidget rules and activities for French class


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