5 tips for French teachers on how to organize a show and tell routine


5 tips for French teachers on how to organize a show and tell routine

Show and tell can be a valuable activity for French teachers to incorporate into their lessons for several reasons. First, the show and tell routine allows students to express themselves and their interests, encouraging creativity and imagination. It also improves public speaking skills by giving students the opportunity to practice speaking in front of an audience, building their confidence and public speaking skills.

Show and tell also helps build a strong sense of community among students by allowing them to get to know each other better and learn about each other's interests and backgrounds. Further, show and tell can support language development by giving students an opportunity to practice using descriptive language to talk about their items.

Overall, show and tell can be a fun and engaging activity that supports a variety of learning outcomes and helps to build a positive classroom community. Follow along below as I share 5 tips for how you can successfully organize show and tell in your French classroom.

Here are five tips for teachers to help organize show and tell:

  1. Set clear guidelines: Provide students with clear guidelines and expectations for show and tell, including the length of the presentation, what type of items are appropriate to bring, and how students should present their items.
  2. Create a schedule: Plan out a schedule for show and tell in advance, so students know when it's their turn to present and can prepare accordingly.
  3. Encourage creativity: Encourage students to get creative with their presentations, for example, by acting out a scene with a toy or demonstrating how a tool works.
  4. Provide opportunities for all students to participate: Make sure all students have an opportunity to participate in show and tell, either by taking turns or rotating the responsibility among small groups.
  5. Foster a positive and supportive atmosphere: Create a positive and supportive atmosphere during show and tell by giving all students constructive feedback and encouraging them to appreciate and learn from each other's presentations.

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