Words That Pop: How to Teach Your French Students to Write Descriptions Using the 5 Senses


Words That Pop: How to Teach Your French Students to Write Descriptions Using the 5 Senses


Are ready to amp up your French students' writing game? Today, let's talk about a cool way to level up their skills – using the 5 senses. We're not just talking about words; we're talking about creating a French experience that's so real, you can almost taste the croissants. So, buckle up, put on your teaching hat, and let's dive into the world of descriptive writing that adds a touch of 'ooh la la' to your FSL classroom!


1. Why Descriptive Writing Rocks for FSL Students: Vive la Language Sensation!

So, why bother with descriptive writing in French as a Second Language (FSL) class? Well, imagine this: Your students aren't just learning French; they're immersing themselves in the language. Descriptive writing adds a splash of authenticity to their language journey. It's like taking a little trip to France without leaving the classroom – pretty cool, huh?


2. Sight: Décrire le Tableau Magnifique

Let's start with "la vue" – sight. Encourage your students to paint a picture with their words. A bustling classroom? It's a canvas of colours!


3. Sound: La Mélodie des Mots

Now, let's talk about "l'ouïe" – sound. Get your students to make their words sing. A French market? That's a melody of voices, the clinking of coins, and maybe a distant accordion adding a sweet Parisian tune.


4. Touch: La Sensation du Texte

Time to get tactile – "le toucher." How does it feel? A walk in their neighbourhood? The streets might be cool underfoot, the grass picking their feet.


5. Taste: La Saveur des Mots

Bring on "le goût" – taste. Dive into flavors and smells. A local bakery? It's a delicious ballet of aromas – warm baguettes, sweet pastries, and the taste coffee.


6. Smell: L'Odeur de l'Imagination

Don't forget "l'odorat" – smell. A garden? Each breath is a fragrant symphony – flowers, herbs, and the earthy perfume of nature.


Let's practice! Describe a day at a café, a visit to a museum, or their school. These exercises aren't just about writing; they're about making your students feel the language. Have students share their paragraphs, discuss, and celebrate. It's not just about writing; it's about building a French community that supports each other's language adventures. You can find my complete lesson plans for detailed sensory writing for FSL classes in my TPT shop. Your students will learn and use vocabulary for describing their 5 senses through hands-on activities, reading tasks and a writing assignment.

FSL descriptive writing lesson


Teaching descriptive writing with the 5 senses isn't just about lessons; it's about turning your FSL students into word artists. So, teachers, sprinkle that writing magic, and watch as your FSL classroom turns into a linguistic atelier. Happy writing, and may your students' French words be as vibrant as a Parisian sunrise!

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