Brain breaks for French class

Brain Breaks for French Class


Are your classroom vibes getting a bit too serious? Time to hit the pause button and sprinkle some fun into your French class! Today, I've got the lowdown on brain breaks that'll not only recharge those brain cells but also add a dash of pizzazz to your language lessons. 


1. French Charades: Parlez-vous Actions?

First up, let's get those bodies moving! French charades is like a game of miming meets language practice. Pick out some common French verbs or phrases, write them on slips of paper, and let the charades madness begin. Whether it's "manger une baguette" or "faire du vélo," your students will be acting out French phrases like pros! You can also Ignite your students' language learning journey with these French verb vocabulary charades activities, designed to make learning French verbs both exciting and effective. The sets included in this bundle are regular and season-themed to use year-round!


verb charades

2. French Karaoke: Mic Drop Moments

Time to unleash the inner pop stars! Throw on some French tunes and let your students belt out those lyrics. It's not just about singing; it's about immersing them in French sounds and rhythms. Bonus points if you pick catchy tunes – you'll have them humming French melodies all the way to recess!


3. French Freeze Dance: Bouge-toi, Mon Ami!

Turn up the beats and let the dance-off commence! Play some upbeat French songs and turn your classroom into a dance floor. When the music stops, it's freeze time. Not only does it add a burst of energy, but it also helps students associate words with movement – learning and grooving, what's not to love?


4. French Tongue Twisters: The Verbal Roller Coaster

Let's twist those tongues, French style! Tongue twisters are not just for laughs; they're a fantastic way to improve pronunciation and fluency. Pick some French tongue twisters – like "Les chaussettes de l'archiduchesse" – and watch your students tumble through a verbal roller coaster of fun. Ready to try this activity? Your students are sure to have FUN practicing French pronunciation, articulation and vocabulary with these 32 French tongue twisters and activities.

Tongue Twisters for French class


5. French Pictionary: Dessine-moi un Mot

Unleash the artists in your class with French Pictionary. Make a list of French words related to your lesson, have students draw them, and let the guessing games begin. It's like a linguistic masterpiece in the making, with a side of hilarious doodles.


6. Quick-Fire Q&A: Le Rapid Fire des Questions

Inject some fast-paced fun with a rapid-fire question round. Set a timer, ask quick French questions, and let your students race to answer. It's not just about speed; it's about thinking on their feet and boosting those language reflexes. Use this set of 24 French speaking prompts to give your students an opportunity to practice their conversational skills and gain confidence asking and answering questions in French.


7. French Riddles: Les Énigmes Françaises

Challenge your students with some brain-teasing French riddles. It's like a linguistic mystery to solve. Whether it's "Je suis toujours devant toi mais tu ne peux jamais me rattraper. Qui suis-je?" (I'm always in front of you, but you can never catch me. What am I?), or others, it's a fun mental workout.


8. French Memory Game: Le Jeu de la Mémoire

Give the classic memory game a French twist! Create pairs of cards with French words and their English meanings. Flip them over, and let the memory-matching madness begin. It's a brain boost with a side of language learning.


So, there you have it – a brain break bonanza to spice up your French class! These activities are not just about taking a breather; they're about infusing your lessons with energy, laughter, and a touch of French flair. Happy brain breaking, and may your French classroom be the coolest spot in school!

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