Games Galore: Spicing Up French Class with Fun and Learning

Games Galore: Spicing Up French Class with Fun and Learning


Today, I’m sharing some ideas to turn up the fun in our French as a Second Language (FSL) classrooms with two game ideas that'll have your students saying "oui" to learning. Get ready to break out of the textbook routine and dive into the world of playful education with these 2 fun games! 

Check out the games below and find even more games in my blog posts “French Oral Communication Games” and “5 Awesome Games for French Class.”


1. Vive la Competition: French Vocabulary Relay

Let's kick off the language festivities with a little friendly competition. Enter the French Vocabulary Relay – a game that not only gets those brain cells working but also adds a dash of excitement to your lesson.


How to Play:


  • Divide the class into teams. You can have as many teams as you want, depending on your class size.
  • Create a list of French vocabulary words related to your current lesson or theme. Write each word on a separate card.
  • Place the cards at one end of the classroom, and position each team at the opposite end.
  • When you say, "Allez!" the first player from each team races to grab a card, reads the word aloud, and sprints back to tag the next player.
  • Continue until all the words are collected. The team with the most correct pronunciations wins the vocabulary relay!

This game not only reinforces vocabulary but also encourages teamwork, quick thinking, and pronunciation practice. Plus, it's a blast to watch your students race to show off their language skills!



2. Escape the Language Maze: A French Puzzle Adventure

Who says learning can't be an escape room adventure? Introducing "Escape the Language Maze," a game that adds a thrilling twist to language acquisition.


How to Play:


  • Create a series of language-related puzzles or challenges that students need to solve to "escape" the language maze. These could include translating sentences, unscrambling words, or answering language trivia questions.
  • Set up different stations or "puzzle zones" around the classroom, each with its unique challenge.
  • Divide the class into small groups and assign each group to a starting point.
  • Teams must successfully complete each puzzle to receive a clue leading them to the next station.
  • The first team to solve all puzzles and "escape" the language maze is the victorious linguistic escape artist!

This game not only reinforces language skills but also promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and a bit of healthy competition. It's like bringing the escape room craze into your French classroom!


By incorporating these interactive games into your FSL classroom, you're not just teaching French – you're creating an environment where learning is exciting, dynamic, and downright fun. So, fellow language game-changers, let the games begin! Watch as your students embrace the language with enthusiasm, one playful competition at a time. If you’re looking for even MORE games for your FSL classroom, get my free ebook “37 Games for the French Classroom” when you join my newsletter


Bonne chance and may the language-learning games be ever in your favor! 

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