2023 Favourite Things for the FSL Classroom

 2023 Favourite Things for the FSL Classroom

For an FSL (French as a Second Language) teacher, having a myriad of tools, resources, and materials at one's disposal can make all the difference. Here are some of my favourite things that I have found most effective in the FSL classroom for the year 2023.

Favourite Books for the FSL Classroom

The importance of books in language learning cannot be overstated. They can help students improve their vocabulary, comprehension skills, and get a feel for the language's structure and rhythm. In particular, picture books are a fantastic resource for engaging Grade 5 French as a second language (FSL) students. They combine visuals with language, making them suitable for various proficiency levels. Here are some of my favourites that have consistently proven to be helpful supplements to my FSL curriculum. Read about them HERE in my blog post: “5 great books for Junior French Students”.

Favourite YouTube Channels for Teaching French

YouTube offers a wealth of resources for both teachers and students. There are plenty of channels that offer French lessons, cultural insights, and even fun songs and games that can be used to supplement traditional teaching methods. These are the ones I've found most beneficial for my students. Read about them HERE in my blog post “4 YouTube channels for junior/Intermediate French students”.

Favourite French-Canadian Festivals to Teach

Teaching about French-Canadian culture is just as important as teaching the language itself. One of the best ways to do this is through festivals. They offer a glimpse into the traditions, history, and values of French-Canadians. Here are a few of my favourite festivals to teach about in the FSL classroom. Read about them HERE in my blog post: “5 amazing winter festivals that celebrate French culture”.

Favourite Language-Learning Games

Games are a fun and effective way to learn and practise a new language. They can help students relax, stay engaged, and learn without feeling like they're studying. Here are some of my favourite language-learning games that I often use in my FSL classroom. Find the instructions on how to play my favourite games HERE in my blog post: “5 awesome games to play in the French classroom”.

Favourite French-Teacher Instagram Accounts I Follow

Instagram isn't just for sharing photos and videos. It's also a great platform for learning and teaching. There are several French teachers who share valuable content that can be used in the classroom. Here are a few of my favourite Instagram accounts run by French teachers. 

Check out:

Favourite French Teaching Resources I’ve Made

Over the years, I've created a number of teaching resources that have been particularly effective in my FSL classroom. These range from lesson plans, worksheets, and presentations, to games and activities. Here are some of the most popular resources among French teachers from The French Nook:

  1. La Nourriture Un Camion Restaurant French Food Unit
  2. Mon chandail de Noël laid French ugly Christmas sweater assignment
  3. FSL French Daily Work
  4. French Grammar Escape Rooms
  5. Qui suis-je? French all about me descriptive writing activity

Favourite Routines for the FSL Classroom

Establishing routines in the FSL classroom helps create a structured and predictable environment which can be very beneficial for language learning. Here are some of my favourite routines that I've found to be the most effective in my classroom. You can read about them in my blog post HERE: “How to create useful routines in your French classroom”.

Favourite Songs to Teach in French Class

Songs are an excellent tool for teaching a new language. They can help students improve their listening skills, pronunciation, and vocabulary, while also introducing them to the culture of the language they're learning. Here are some of my favourite songs to teach in French class. You can read about them HERE in my blog post “10 Fabulous French songs for older FSL students”.

Thank you fabulous French teachers for a great year! All the best for 2024!

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